Rudo Uye Simba
18 October 2020
Facts and myths –
Herd instincts and hierarchy

Our bitches have a clearly established herd hierarchy and that is what Rhodesians really need. It gives them a sense of security. When we look at our herd broadly and include us – humans – in the herd, we see that at the top of the system are adults, children are treated by dogs a bit as their peers. Fortunately, it is enough if the herd handler (adult) make the dogs understand the superiority of children over dogs, then the risk of any attempts to dominate is small. Rule number three is simple (although it can be more difficult): set up and keep a hierarchy.


Among their pack, our bitches are constantly test one another, which is evident when they try to gain a favor from the human pack leader. We know from our experience that Rhodesians feel much better in a pack, and it is ideal if there are two dogs at home. When the third bitch appeared – we started managing the pack more intensively. It is feasible, but requires attention, consistency and appropriate conditions at home.

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