Fotowendy 08
Fotowendy 08
Fotowendy 08
Rudo Uye Simba
18 October 2020
Facts and myths –

From our experience, we can assure you that Rhodesians are very active dogs. They need a lot of exercise and play, and when deprived of they can turn into domestic destructors. Out of boredom, they are able to destroy not only shoes, but also furniture… We have experienced it ourselves, so rule number one: dogs must be kept physically active. However, we advise against walks in areas full of game: Rhodesians have a very strong hunting instinct. If they chase after the game, your calls will be of no avail.

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Fotowendy 08 Fotowendy 08
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Fotowendy 08
Rudo Uye Simba
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